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How to Volunteer

Medical background not necessary

Why volunteer?

Sandy Whitaker - “Many people love their jobs and I especially felt working as a Paramedic was a job I loved.  Although trauma and sadness was sometimes part of the involvement I had with people, over the years I have been greeted and thanked by grateful patients or family members for various services I was able to provide.  I learned a person can do 'a little something extra' which sometimes is life changing to the other person and therefore never forgotten.  Can anything be more satisfying?

It seems like this organization is planning to do 'a lot of something extra' and maybe I can be a little help for those who need a lot of help.  God Bless,”

Joan Bunch - “After being away from my nursing career for a couple of years to take care of the babies, I began to really miss working.  I can't think of a better way to use my skills and give back to the community.  I do feel we are truly helping those that really have no other means.  We will instantly see the results of the work God has set before us.”

Andrea Duggins - “I am volunteering because I hope to make a difference in someone’s life.  I have been feeling like I need to do something to help others.  I hope I can be a blessing in someone’s life.”

God has given us many and varied gifts.  He requires us to put them to use.

God loves and cares deeply for those in need. God is always moving in unusual and exciting ways to heal and transform people, providing volunteers the opportunity to offer their gifts for His use.  Our hope is that the West Plains Christian Clinic can be such a place for God’s healing and transformation;  that people will be drawn by the tangible love and service provided by volunteers sharing their God-given gifts.

As a WPCC volunteer, you will be able to use your knowledge, skills and compassion to bring physical and spiritual healing to those who have nowhere else to go.  Come join us in this endeavor to care and heal.  We can build this ministry not with bricks, but with love.

For a detailed list of opportunities and ways to share your knowledge, skills and compassion click here for a PDF downloadable Volunteer Application to see the many ways you can help.  To apply, print and fill out the application form and mail to West Plains Christian Clinic.

If you wish to talk to a human being, leave your name and phone number at 417-256-9722 (256-WPCC) and we will return your call. 


Offering no cost care to those without access to basic health care


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