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provided by West Plains Christian Clinic

West Plains Christian Clinic offers basic medical care, psychological and spiritual counseling. 


The Clinic is completely staffed by volunteers with one paid employee which is the director's position.  With this in mind, not all of the above services may be available at all times.   Patients are encouraged to call in advance to determine which services are available during a specific clinic session. 

We do not make appointments.  Persons are seen based upon their medical need.  Unfortunately, due to the limited number of volunteers and available resources, we cannot guarantee that all persons requesting service during a clinic session will be seen.

Services NOT available at the West Plains Christian Clinic:  

  • Prenatal Care
  • Immunizations
  • Birth Control/Family Planning
  • Psychiatric care
  • Disability Determinations
  • Specialty medical services: e.g. orthopedics, surgery, eye care, dental, epilepsy hepatitis, etc.
  • Dental

Examples of people NOT served by the West Plains Christian Clinic:

  • People eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid
  • People eligible for Veteran’s Administration Health Benefits
  • People that have health insurance
  • People seeking a second opinion
  • People that give false or incomplete information
  • People seeking narcotics
  • People that are intoxicated
  • People that are abrasive or verbally abusive to the staff or fellow patients
  • Minors

West Plains Christian Clinic strives to minister to the whole person.  The clinic encourages patients to actively participate in their own health care and to nurture them toward independence from the clinic’s services.

If you are in need of dental services which we do NOT offer, the following clinics are free or have a sliding scale fee for low income patients and are within an hour’s drive of West Plains, MO.

Mountain Home Christian Clinic, Mountain Home, Arkansas, 870-425-5010

Southern Missouri Community Health Center, West Plains, MO. For dental call (417) 255-8213

Good Samaritan Care Clinic in Mountain View, MO 417-934-6500

Missouri Ozarks Community Health in Ava, MO  417-683-5739 

Gainesville Clinic in Gainesville, MO  417-679-2775

Offering no cost care to those without access to basic health care


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